David B. Thompson

The Voice of Distinction

The human voice is very powerful.  The choice of voice-over talent for your project is a crucial one.  A voice can convey confidence, intelligence, sincerity, warmth, integrity, humor, indeed an infinite range of emotion leaving a lasting impression.  Satisfied clients such as Safeway and The Wall Street Journal agree.  David B. Thompson is indeed “The Voice of Distinction”.  Equally at home with commercial v/o, industrial, and documentary presentation, David offers one of today’s most distinctive and sought after voices.  Hundreds of clients have found David’s unique blend of integrity, intelligence and warmth, to be a powerful voice in conveying their message to the public.  As the voice of “The Better Homes Tour” on KRON-TV, San Francisco’s NBC affiliate, David’s voice has been heard by millions of listeners throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.  David’s work as narrator for documentaries such as the highly acclaimed “Cyber-Art”, shown by Tom Brokow on “The NBC Nightly News”, has made him a much sought after voice for documentaries and projects demanding spokesmanship that conveys confidence and integrity, while exuding warmth and character, qualities too often missing in the commercial marketplace.  When Safeway was looking for a commercial spokesperson for the launch of their home delivery program, they turned to David for his unique combination of warmth, humor, and integrity.  And The Sierra Club chose David to narrate their 100th anniversary documentary production of “Hiking The Appalachian Trail”, which premiered at their grand centennial celebration. Whether your needs are commercial, industrial, technical, or artistic, it makes sense to choose a proven talent, someone who can deliver your message with integrity and authority. Please feel free to contact David anytime to chat about your project.  After all, talking is what it’s all about.


Audio Samples

  1. Complete Reel David B. Thompson 2:50
  2. Attention Please! David B. Thompson 0:36
  3. Thomas' English Muffins David B. Thompson 0:19
  4. Oscar Mayer David B. Thompson 0:20
  5. Hyatt David B. Thompson 0:17
  6. Cream of Wheat David B. Thompson 0:20
  7. Dell Paperbacks David B. Thompson 0:18
  8. Stephen King David B. Thompson 0:25
  9. TX Components David B. Thompson 0:17
  10. Oscar Mayer David B. Thompson 0:17
  11. Office Solutions David B. Thompson 0:19
  12. Revlon David B. Thompson 0:22
  13. Gameshow David B. Thompson 0:24
  14. Diet Pepsi David B. Thompson 0:28
  15. Planetarium David B. Thompson 0:14
  16. K-Mart David B. Thompson 0:42
  17. Wells Fargo David B. Thompson 0:17
  18. Sharon Bank David B. Thompson 0:23
  19. ATT David B. Thompson 0:19
  20. Mad Laughter David B. Thompson 0:40
  21. Narration David B. Thompson 0:35

David B. Thompson
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Please feel free to contact David anytime, to chat about your project. After all, talking is what it’s all about.

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